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Enhance your relationship with your customers and obtain valuable information with market research directed toward them

Market research is the cornerstone of a company’s efforts to stay competitive and retain customers. If you operate in highly competitive markets, then you are probably pressured by the competition and constantly changing customer’s needs. Your customers can give you credible information about their buying behaviors, their perceptions of you and your competitors and what they find most important. The market research is an excellent resource of which every business can take advantage.

Market research takes many forms, and Mike Ghasemi customizes the offerings to meet your needs. Your goals and objectives drive the type of market research and the methods to be used. Mike Ghasemi will work with you to understand and refine your objectives and devise a research plan that matches these objectives. The unbiased data from the market research will help you to make critical decisions. Whether you are looking to do your market research with customers, prospects or the general public, the thought process is the same, only the execution changes based on the availability of contact information for your target group.

Your customers can give you credible information about their buying behaviors, their perceptions of you and your competitors and what they find most important. The market research is an excellent resource of which every business can take advantage.

If you have an avenue to obtain contact information for potential prospects for your products and services, then this could present another opportunity for market research. Even if you don’t have a list yourself, Mike Ghasemi provide respondents according to your criteria that can give you insight based on your market objective. This is a great way for you to get the information you need for expanding your market reach, measuring the level of your brand awareness or understanding how to expand your customer base.

Mike Ghasemi RESEARCH provideS the critical INSIGHTS you need TO ENTER INTO YOUR TARGET MARKET

MGR creates surveys that meet your project objectives, and ensure that all possible issues are brought to bear on the design of the survey questions.

Anyone can throw together a bunch of questions, but it takes planning, industry knowledge,and expertise to obtain meaningful information from a survey. Mike Ghasemi Research has the expertise, industry knowledge and experience to design a survey to get you the information you need. Survey Design is the most critical stage of the survey process. It is important to define survey objectives from the start clearly. The objectives drive the survey questions. As a survey owner, you need to know that the survey questions will provide the information you need in an unbiased, unambiguous manner. You want meaningful questions that lead to meaningful results so that you can take action with confidence.

MGR develops a full evaluation of survey objectives and proposed actions to ensure that all possible issues are brought to bear on the design of the survey questions. We look at each question for relevance and clarity. Survey design is the most critical component of the survey process and MGR applies the appropriate emphasis there. You can count on MGR to focus on your objectives and add value at every step of the survey process, from design through reporting.

Understand your target market and get better insights by improving your marketing approach with professionally designed surveys.

Survey design & analysis can help your marketing team and boost their efforts through the use of a marketing survey. You understand that data-based decision making is a good way to improve your bottom line. You may be looking to get feedback on a new product; your target customers, or you may want to measure your solutions effectiveness and future product roadmap. A marketing survey is a right tool you need.

Understanding your customers and prospects more thoroughly is key to improving your marketing decisions. What product or solutions they are planning to invest? What sales channel do they visit? How much time do they spend on the Internet? How much time do they spend on social media? What are their spending habits? In our competitive world understanding your customers and prospects helps you get the most out of your marketing dollar.

Mike Ghasemi will help you:

  • Understand your market
  • Focus your marketing objectives
  • Measure advertising effectiveness
  • Measure brand awareness and attitude
  • Market test new ideas
  • Measure market satisfaction

By using the right tools for the job (focus groups, telephone interviews, or web surveys), we can make quality-marketing surveys affordable. By getting information from stakeholders up front, you remove the guesswork from the design of your next product, product enhancement, or procedure change.

Stay in touch with your customers and gain in-depth insights into your consumer’s behavior, perceptions, and needs with professionally designed customer surveys.

Your relationship with your customers is your most valuable asset. Your customers are your company’s life-blood and center of your business. The vitality of your business depends on having a clear and up to date insight of customer’s perceptions and needs. In today’s competitive market it is not enough to make good products and services, but also staying in touch and building strong relationships with your customers. The most accurate and efficient way of doing this is through the use of professionally designed and executed customer surveys.

Customer surveys are the window through which you can view your customer’s purchasing habits, perceptions, and needs. If you’re not already surveying your customers, you’re missing out on valuable feedback that could make all the difference for your business. Regular surveys are the best way to track, measure, and identify trends in customer perception. It’s also a good way to find customer issues and take appropriate corrective action.

However, a poorly designed survey can reflect badly on your company. If the surveys are not done right, you can end up with a distorted view that can hurt your business in multiple ways. It’s easy to write questions and send them out to customers, but it’s challenging to design and execute a customer survey that will provide the useful information for improving your business. Your customer surveys should be viewed as a customer relationship management tool. Customers want to work with you to improve the products and services you offer, so do not let a poorly executed survey ruin your opportunity to harness good customer will. Mike Ghasemi understands this and can help you with all of your customer surveys. There are several types of customer surveys each tailored to specific types of objectives you may have.

Here are the main types of customer surveys:

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Customer Service Survey
  • Customer Service Needs Assessment Survey
  • Customer Market Survey

MGR produces insightful analysis, customized reports, and dynamic reports ready for you to share with the people that matter.

Data without analysis is like a jumbled up box of puzzle pieces. Survey reporting is about putting the survey data into perspective and communicate the survey finding with the target audience who is going to read the information, knowing the survey goals, and doing the diligent work to draw high quality, accurate insights from the survey data collected to help meaningful outcomes.

MGR survey reports are compiled using a mixture of primary and secondary data sources. Primary refers to our own surveys and commissioned research; whereas secondary refers to authoritative third-party vendor data, and other publicly available data. The reports also draw upon MGR decades of experience in the retail and hospitality industry solutions and services.

By systematically gathering, analyzing and interpreting data that is relevant to our target audiences and markets, MGR provides invaluable and actionable insights to feed strategic thinking and tactical action. We can deliver results in a range of formats, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, PDF, CSV or digital format.

MGR Survey Services uses a proven process flow for survey projects and can be customized to fit the nature of the survey. We can provide services in all or any combination of these steps. The generic steps are outlined below.

  1. Survey Project Planning We work with you to develop a comprehensive and customized project plan with timelines, responsibilities and costs. The plan will cover all the steps, where applicable, that are listed below. We will also clarify objectives and uses of the survey and how it links with other initiatives you may have in place.
  2. Questionnaire Design and Development Using our question bank, your existing questionnaire, or starting with a blank sheet we will help you develop a valid, consistent and reliable questionnaire in line with your project objectives. This will incorporate existing research material and plans and may involve qualitative interviews and focus groups. We will assist in ensuring appropriate language, phrasing and clarity of expression.
  3. Sample/Population Decision If a sample is to be used, at this point the sample parameters and design are decided. If a population survey is required, we must consider how everyone will be identified.
  4. Delivery Methods This is deciding how will the questionnaire by deployed – web (internet/email hyperlink) or paper (mailed, handed out, facilitated group, etc) – and the resulting activities required as a result of this decision, eg, installing software, organizing print production, data entry, delivery times.
  5. Communication Program Communication programs are not designed just to inform respondents that a survey is about to happen. They should also address how to get a high response rate, how to recognize and even reward participation, how to share and debrief results and how to act on the messages that are contained in survey results. We can design an entire communication campaign to support your survey or assist you to engage your employees in the process.
  6. Pilot Testing and Refinement An important step that helps achieve an outstanding result. Pilot tests not only give you valuable feedback about question wording, questionnaire layout, technology effectiveness but you can use the results to identify redundant questions.
  7. Questionnaire Loading Delivery This involves loading respondents, preparing delivery messages, physically sending questionnaires, or organizing collection groups.
  8. Collecting Responses and monitoring progress e have on-line tools that can give you instant access to amount and type of response, for web surveys. In some cases, this step may involve providing help desk or helpline support.
  9. Data Entry, if required This is an unnecessary step if you are using respondent data entry or data entry at point of interview. However, there are always circumstances when data entry is required. We can provide data entry staff for your surveys using your own software, spreadsheets, statistical packages or our own specialized survey software systems. It is your decision whether data validation is required and the amount of free-text coding or content analysis needed.
  10. Analyzing Results and Producing Reports The amount and type of statistical or qualitative analysis required will depend on the survey type and purpose. Also, report detail and sophistication is a consideration in this step. Survey Services can merge data sets and perform longitudinal or time series analysis which may be useful for benchmark or trend analysis.
  11. Providing Feedback The amount of emphasis in this step will depend on the nature of the survey. However, it is a critical step and requires careful decision-making.
  12. Deciding Priorities and Implementing Ideas Surveys provide information for decision-making-the don’t make decisions in their own right. So this is the hard work part and the reason for initiating most research.

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