Mike Ghasemi

Customer Case Study Service

Engage your customer with the positive and measurable review that will give you a very effective marketing tool to convince the promising customers to buy your products.

Nothing carries as much credibility with prospects than the story of a customer’s success. That’s why you need a well-written case study to support your company’s success story in your target industry. A case study convinces prospects that your solutions are what they need and how your product or service helped one of your clients solve a real-world problem. Next to white papers, a case study is the second most popular tool so you can use to move decision makers through your sales cycle.

Writing case studies is tedious work. It demands time and quality research work. Mike Ghasemi will craft a case study that demonstrates how your product or service worked for customers just like your prospects and provide product reviews and persuasive measurable testimonial. If you want business success, our first-class business case study service will help you to impress your prospects and deliver values beyond your expectations.

Mike Ghasemi interviews the account salesperson to get the “back story” on the project before interviewing the customer. This helps to improve the customer interview by making the questions more insightful and probing. After completing the interviews, Mike Ghasemi will draw up a detailed outline or “storyboard” for the case study and submit it for your approval. This lets you review the concept and request changes on anything you’re not happy with so you are comfortable with the direction before starting to write. Once the first draft completed, then you will review the draft and note any changes you want to be made. Mike Ghasemi promptly make any revisions you request, according to your instructions. After that, your case study is ready to publish on different channels.

Mike Ghasemi will provide you with following 4 most powerful features:

  • Helping prospects visualize using your product or service
  • Establishing instant credibility as a provider of solutions
  • Breaking through the marketing noise
  • Generating and leveraging media interest