Mike Ghasemi


Improve your retail business processes and select and implement the right retail technology to reduce operating cost and stay competitive

Mike Ghasemi core competence is in the retail and hospitality technology assessment. With our unmatched knowledge of the worldwide retail and retail IT markets, Mike Ghasemi provides a wide range of advisory services focused on the “mission critical” needs of the retail and hospitality companies. With the skills necessary to assess the required technology to run your business at optimum performance, Mike Ghasemi has extensive knowledge of the digital solutions and a practical approach to fit the technology to your real needs. 

The areas we focus on include

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We work with retailers to assess their current state of CRM, to evaluate and eventually select an appropriate CRM solution.

Distribution & Logistics (Supply Chain Management)

Our knowledge in supply chain management uniquely positioned us to assist retailers in streamlining their processes, and selecting the right technology to plan and execute supply chain management.

Enterprise Resource Management System (ERP)

Mike Ghasemi provides selection and implementation advisory services for ERP solutions.

Omnichannel Technology

Omnichannel retailing has effectively made digital commerce an integral part of the retail business. We help you to turn your brick-and-mortar business into a unified e-commerce architecture.

Mobile Technologies

'Mobile’ has become a ubiquitous concept in retailing. We work with you to design, select, and implement what continues to be an essential technology in retail and hospitality.

In-store Technologies

From POS, to digital signage, to fitting-room magic mirrors, Mike Ghasemi helps retailers of varying size and industry segment to design, select and implement in-store solutions

Digital Transformation Planning

Our experienced ex-CIO advisory team helps you to develop a digital transformation roadmap to implement the right solutions and in the right sequence, and also to keep the rest of the enterprise informed as to where technology investments are going and when.

Other Services